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Unlocking Tangible ROI: Kabloom’s Event Sponsor Boost Packages

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Thanks to Kabloom’s sponsor boost packages, exhibitors’ reliance on often vague ROI and insights based on business cards and badges is a problem of the past.  Over the last few years Kabloom has partnered with both the event and its sponsors to provide hard data that expands audiences and achieves measurable results.

Sponsors and partners should see tangible outcomes

In a case study where data was collected over two years, a sponsor increased its ranking from the 4th-most attended symposium in 2020 to the 2nd-most attended in 2021.  This resulted in an 220% increase of audience engagement year-on-year when implementing the digital marketing boost package.

At a recent online event where the package had not been previously applied, the results showed that those sponsors who actively engaged in several digital boost activities ranked in the top 3 attended symposia.  By taking action, they achieved maximum digital exposure and 100 000s of views plus quantifiable attendance and engagement.

In another example, a particularly popular symposia was viewed 10x more AFTER the event had taken place thanks to a post event campaign and reminders.

Capturing interest and standing out

We know that there are a variety of sessions competing for a delegate’s attention. Through long term data insights, our in-depth knowledge of various fields and assessing attendee trends from previous editions of an event, we are able to optimise audience targeting and messaging.   

Our tailor-made campaigns focus on the sponsor’s goals such as creating awareness to a wide targeted audience as well as increasing booth visits and symposia attendance.  Furthermore, this exposure takes place across various online channels before, during, and after events providing longevity and an increase in brand awareness. 

The benefits of working with our team’s digital marketing package
  • Instantly reach a target audience that was previously inaccesible
  • Pre-congress engagement set sponsors apart and keep the symposia top of mind
  • Expert guidance from the Kabloom team to ensure success
  • Accurate exposure and measurement of real ROI
  • Leads generation for current follow-up as well as expanding the audience for future activities
  • Boost engagement before, during, and after the event for lasting results
In the age of data, your sponsor activities should be supported by digital exposure and measurable ROI to ensure long term actionable growth.
  1. How does Kabloom’s sponsor boost packages address the challenge of vague ROI for exhibitors at events? Kabloom’s sponsor boost packages provide tangible outcomes by leveraging hard data and digital marketing strategies. Through case studies and post-event campaigns, sponsors see significant increases in audience engagement and symposium attendance, ensuring measurable results and clear ROI.
  2. How does Kabloom ensure sponsor clients stand out among competing sessions at events? Kabloom utilizes long-term data insights and attendee trends to optimize audience targeting and messaging. Tailored campaigns focus on sponsor goals, such as increasing booth visits and symposia attendance. With exposure across various online channels before, during, and after events, sponsors gain lasting brand awareness.
  3. What are the key benefits of Kabloom’s digital marketing package? Kabloom’s digital marketing package offers instant access to previously inaccessible target audiences and sets sponsor clients apart with pre-congress engagement. Expert guidance ensures success, while accurate exposure measurement guarantees real ROI. Plus, the package boosts engagement before, during, and after events for lasting results.
  4. How does Kabloom help sponsor clients achieve maximum digital exposure and engagement? Kabloom’s team provides expert guidance and leverages digital marketing strategies to ensure clients reach their target audience effectively. Through pre-congress engagement and tailored campaigns, the sponsor captures interest, maintains top-of-mind awareness, and achieves measurable results in terms of attendance and engagement.
  5. What is the bottom line for utilizing Kabloom’s sponsor boost packages? In the age of data, Kabloom’s sponsor boost packages offer vital support for sponsor activities, providing digital exposure and measurable ROI for long-term actionable growth. With Kabloom’s expertise and strategies, clients can confidently navigate the evolving landscape of event marketing and achieve their goals effectively.

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