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Kabloom Data Privacy Statement

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Last updated: 1 July 2021

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Kabloom AG, Baarestrasse 95, 6300, Zug, Switzerland (“Kabloom”) is an digital marketing agency with operations in many countries around the world which provides marketing for meetings and events to its corporate or association clients (the “Client”).

It is Kabloom’s utmost concern to constantly improve its services in order to best meet the needs of its Clients. To this end, Kabloom may collect and store certain information, including personal data of people like you. Kabloom takes the protection of your personal data very seriously in all of its business processes. This Data Protection Statement is meant to help you understand how data are collected, processed and stored to meet legal requirements and Kabloom’s data protection standards.

By providing personal data to Kabloom, you agree to have read this privacy policy and agree to abide by any obligations contained therein , as it may be amended from time to time.

  1. Scope of this Data Protection Statement

This Data Protection Statement applies to all services offered by Kabloom.

This Data Protection Statement does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals. This Data Protection Statement does not cover the information practices of other companies and organizations who advertise Kabloom services or any third party operating any website to which the Kabloom website or other digital asset may contain a link.

  1. Data collected and method of collection

Kabloom collects general and personal data concerning you from:

  • you when you provide your details to Kabloom;
  • its Clients (in such cases, Client must ensure that it is entitled to disclose such data and that you are aware of the various matters detailed in this Data Protection Statement);
  • participants at Client’s meetings and events organized by the Client;
  • users of Kabloom’s or Client’s websites; and third parties (such as online service provider or single sign on authority).

Following the reception of the data, an electronic profile is created in Kabloom tools for each person or entity (the “Contact Profile”).

The Contact Profile may contain but is not limited to:

  • name;
  • gender;
  • date of birth;
  • address;
  • phone numbers;
  • email addresses;
  • nationality
  • additional information as requested by Clients on events

Kabloom may process sensitive personal data based on a specific and explicit additional consent of data subjects.

By attending an event, individual authorizes, free of charge and without consideration of any kind whatsoever, that any image and sound recording made in connection with the event, by video and/or audio recording, and/or photograph on which it appears, may be used, reproduced, modified and broadcast on any medium known or unknown to date and in particular on social networks or its Sites, by Kabloom within the meaning of the regulations in force, or their partners, for the duration of exploitation of the video and/or audio recordings, and/or photographs.

  1. Purpose of data collection

Kabloom uses the data collected to provide, maintain, protect and improve the overall quality of its services. Data collection is also meant to protect Kabloom and its users. Kabloom does not collect more data than is necessary to fulfil such purposes.

In addition to creating Contact Profiles, Kabloom uses your data for the following purposes and for which you give your consent:

Legal basis: Contract;

  1. a) New products and services: With the goal of improving services and based on the data given to Kabloom, Kabloom may send you additional information related to your current or future event(s) and/or trip(s). An example might be a list of restaurants near a specific hotel in the destination city or parking facilities at the departure airport.

    Legal basis: Legitimate interest – improve KABLOOM business activities and services;

  2. b) Promotion and marketing: Kabloom may use your data to personalize your experience on the Kabloom’s or client’s website by presenting advertisements that are more relevant to you, to send you marketing communications that we believe may be of interest to you, including information about our services, case studies, thought leadership or whitepapers, blog updates, etc. For example, Kabloom uses third party service providers to present services and offers tailored to the preferences and interests demonstrated by your online activity over time. Kabloom may use your data for promotion and marketing purposes for Kabloom’s current or prospective Clients and/or third parties in Kabloom’s industry. Kabloom may use your data to personalize your experience on the event website by presenting advertisements that are more relevant to you, and to send you marketing communications as chosen by you in the registration process. Kabloom may use the data to analyse trends in order to propose other services to its Clients, such as new events or other services.

Legal basis: Consent;

  1. c) Statistical analysis related to websites: Kabloom, or third parties instructed by Kabloom, evaluate this data purely for statistical purposes and only in an anonymised form, in order to optimize Kabloom’s and client’s website and increase user-friendliness, efficiency and safety. Kabloom may in particular use technical data to measure the success of Kabloom marketing campaigns, compile statistics about Kabloom website usage and response rates, and use aggregated personal data calculate the percentage of Kabloom users who have a particular telephone area code.

    Legal basis: Consent;

  2. d) Job opportunities management:

Legal basis: Pre-Contractual conditions

  1. f) Creation of a resume library:

Legal basis: Legitimate interest – reinforce Kabloom recruiting process

Kabloom may disclose your Data to third parties where such disclosure is permitted and required by law or court order, or where such disclosure is necessary for the protection and defence of its rights.

Other than in these cases, your Data will not be transferred or made available to any third party without your prior consent.

  1. Duration of storage

General and personal data will be kept by Kabloom no longer than necessary for the execution of the purposes aforementioned. Kabloom will retain general and personal data during a maximum period of five years if no specific legal requirement. For applicants, the data will be retained for a maximum period of two years.

You may cancel/delete your Kabloom account by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer: privacy@kabloom-agency.com

  1. Location of storage and controller of data base

The Contact Profiles that Kabloom maintains are stored in cloud-based central databases at third-party providers’ location in Europe, United States and Asia. Third-party providers have signed our dedicated data protection clauses.

Any transfer of your Data outside the European Economic Area shall only take place with appropriate safeguards in place, such as contractual terms in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

You may have further information on the above by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer: privacy@kabloom-agency.com.

  1. Your duties

You must ensure that the data you provide us with are:

  • correct;
  • accurate;
  • current;
  • truthful; and
  • compliant with any applicable laws.

In particular, since Kabloom will mainly use email communications with you, you are required to notify us of any modification of your email address. Alternatively, you can directly update your Contact Profile.

Kabloom is committed to protecting the privacy needs of children and we encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in their children’s online activities. Kabloom does not target the digital asset to children less than fourteen (14) years of age or knowingly collect information from children for the purpose of selling products or services.

  1. Transfer and communication of data

7.1  In general

Kabloom operates globally across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Your personal data may therefore be transferred to and outside of Switzerland, including in countries whose data protection laws may be different from, and less stringent than, those in your country of residence.

  1. a) Transfers within the Kabloom: Transfers are made throughout Kabloom to support its activities and/or services.
  2. b) Transfer to third-parties: Kabloom works with certain third parties to obtain support services in connection with Kabloom services to its Clients, personal data will be shared with these third parties in order to pursue Kabloom’s mission and goals. Kabloom may also transfer personal data to third parties at the request of its Clients. For example, to sponsors and exhibitors or to other third parties for data consolidation or tracking services to generate statistics. During events or congresses, sponsors or exhibitors may scan participants or delegates’ badges with the consent of the latter. Therefore, collection and use of the personal data is governed by each sponsor or exhibitor’s privacy policy. Kabloom may transfer your data to third parties for promotion and marketing purposes as outlined under 3b) above. Kabloom may also transfer your data to a third-party in the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of Kabloom business, assets or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings). Prior to a transfer, third-parties (except for travel suppliers and authorized transfers such as within the EU) are required to sign a data processing agreementwith Kabloom that requires them to follow the applicable data protection laws.

As part of its activities, Kabloom works with a certain number of recurring partners who process personal data on our behalf for specific purposes:

  • email marketing
  • digital advertising
  • mobile marketing
  • Postal sending
  • Website and Mobile appplications

This list is not exhaustive and can be updated from time to time. We invite you to regularly consult this list to keep up to date with any changes.

  1. c) Regulatory transfers: Kabloom may be required by law to transfer data to governments and regulatory and/or supervisory authorities.
  2. Security and organizational measures

To ensure the safety of your data on Kabloom’s website and systems, Kabloom has implemented appropriate technical, contractual, administrative, physical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from loss, destruction, unauthorized access, accidental or unlawful disclosure and manipulation. These measures are subject to continuous development in accordance with technological progress and are periodically reviewed to comply with all applicable privacy laws.

Only authorized Kabloom staff, third party companies’ (i.e. service providers) staff or our Clients’ authorized staff (who have contractually agreed to keep all information secure) have access to your personal data. All Kabloom staff who have access to your personal data are required to adhere to the staff confidentiality regulations and all third-party employees who have access to your personal data have signed non-disclosure agreements. In addition, data transfer agreements are in place with third-party companies that have access to your personal data to make sure these data remain secure.

9.Your rights

In accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations, you have a right to request access to, rectification of your Data, or restriction of processing, and to object to said processing, as well as the right to data portability to the extent applicable. Moreover, you have a right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Under certain conditions you also have the right to have your personal data that is stored by Kabloom blocked and deleted, unless Kabloom has to keep these data for legitimate business or legal purposes. For more information, you should contact the Data Protection Officer at the above-mentioned e-mail address

To contact Kabloom with questions or issues about Kabloom’s data processing, you should contact the Data Protection Officer at the following e-mail address: privacy@kabloom-agency.com.

As per GDPR requirements, Kabloom gives you many choices regarding Kabloom’s use and disclosure of your personal data for marketing purposes (right to be forgotten, to modification, to limitation…). By contacting the Data Protection Officer at the above-mentioned e-mail address, you may opt-out from receiving future electronic marketing messages from Kabloom and request that we not share your personal data with unaffiliated third parties for their marketing purposes. Kabloom will try to comply with your request(s) as soon as reasonably practicable.

Please note that if you opt-out as described above, Kabloom will not be able to remove your personal data from the databases of unaffiliated third parties with which Kabloom has already shared your personal data (i.e., to which we have already provided your personal data as of the date that we implement your opt-out request).

Please also note that if you do opt-out of receiving marketing-related messages from Kabloom, we may still send you important administrative messages, and you cannot opt-out from receiving administrative messages.

  1. Changes

This Statement may be revised and updated by Kabloom from time to time to comply with statutory data protection and privacy laws. Kabloom will post any statement changes on its website and, if the changes are significant, Kabloom will send a notice to the e-mail address provided in your Contact Profile.

  1. Contact

If you need further assistance, please contact our Data Protection Officer via:

E-mail address: privacy@kabloom-agency.com.

Address: Kabloom AG, Data Protection Officer, Baarestrasse 95, 6300, Zug, Switzerland