How to Grow Your Social Media Community for Delegate Acquisition

social media community

Contrary to widespread belief, social media has evolved beyond just networking platforms and has become a cost-effective and impactful channel for creating brand trust and return on investment. 

Kabloom hones its archive of industry and audience insights to align with the needs and values of its clients’ communities. We’ve grown social communities by 880% after just 11 months through tried-and-tested content and promotions.

Why do I need an engaged community?

Studies have shown that over 75% of customers use social media to influence their purchasing decisions. Furthermore, during 2020, more than 1,3 million new users joined the virtual world every day.

Through ongoing, tailored engagements and communication, your increased audience input adds value, creating a sense of trust and encouraging a commitment to join your event or conference at a very low conversion cost.

Playing the long (effective) game

Growing your social media community from a few hundred followers to thousands is no small feat and requires insight, patience, and ongoing changes in your content strategy. Let us ensure the quality and growth of your online community through:

• An in-depth understanding of your target audiences and aligning across their ever-changing values and interests

• Consistent interaction and ongoing strategic promotions across the appropriate channels

• Spotlighting the various activities and optimising the reach of important information

• Constant monitoring and re-evaluation of your content strategy based on audience response

• Collaboration with committee members for high-level scientific content creation and engagement

44% of your potential followers are looking for brand information and reasons to trust your organisation. Let us help you establish your social media presence and increase your reach and engagement by attracting individuals who share the same values for long-term success!