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Level-Up Your Virtual Event Success by 45% with Kabloom: Tips and Tricks

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Over the past year, event organisers have had to bring their educational goals to life while adapting to the challenges associated with shifting in-person events to virtual platforms.

While the shift to virtual has allowed for a broadened reach of essential findings across various fields, it is challenging to create the same atmosphere and attendee interaction on social media compared to onsite events.

The importance of uplifting social engagement for virtual events

In-person events create an exciting real-time buzz that encourages attendees to capture these live moments on their social media platforms, while virtual events often intermingle with attendees’ day to day activities. With virtual and hybrid events becoming the norm, it is crucial to focus on increasing social engagement for the attendees streaming sessions from home.

This can be achieved by:
1. Creating more interesting and interactive content unique to each social platform to keep audiences engaged both during and between sessions.
2. Convincing the audience through content to interact more with one another and exchange their findings and experiences with fellow attendees.
3. Immersing your audience in key discoveries uncovered during the event, thus creating lasting impressions and encouraging late registrations.
4. Continuous and optimal monitoring and interaction with virtual attendees.

How does Kabloom keep the buzz alive for virtual events?

To keep audience engagement, Kabloom has launched a number of innovative content strategies. With this change in how we approach event marketing, our unique take on virtual events has delivered results of up to a 45% increase in real-time hashtag engagement and interaction during the congress, with hashtag users doubling compared to the previous virtual edition.

This strategy bolstered the audience reach with up to +1 million hashtag and 3 million Facebook impressions, allowing:
• Increased brand visibility during the congress
• Exponential growth in attendee interaction
• Late registration conversions Remember, marketing is not a cost, but an investment in growth.


Your real-time social media presence is vital in creating meaningful interactions with your key audiences and provides an unmissable opportunity to build brand trust, loyalty and audience collaboration. Kabloom is ready to help your event take off with tried-and-tested strategies that are guaranteed to create the same in-person buzz during your virtual event!

  1. How can organizers increase online event attendance?
    Organizers can
    increase online event attendance by utilizing targeted social media campaigns, engaging content, and personalized email marketing. These strategies help reach a wider audience and create interest, leading to higher registration numbers. Consistently updating potential attendees about event highlights and key speakers can also boost attendance.

  2. What role does interactive content play in boosting online event attendance?
    Interactive content, such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and virtual networking opportunities, keeps attendees engaged and encourages them to participate actively, thereby enhancing their overall experience and increasing online event attendance. Providing interactive content tailored to attendee interests can further boost engagement and satisfaction.

  3. Why is monitoring and interacting with attendees crucial for online events?
    Monitoring and interacting with attendees in real-time helps build a sense of community and keeps participants engaged. This real-time interaction can significantly improve online event attendance and ensure a more successful and dynamic event experience. Additionally, it allows organizers to address any issues or questions promptly, enhancing attendee satisfaction.

  4. How can organizers use social media to drive online event attendance?
    Organizers can use social media to drive online event attendance by creating shareable content, using event-specific hashtags, and encouraging attendees to post about their experiences. This organic promotion increases visibility and attracts a broader audience. Leveraging influencers or industry leaders to promote the event can also expand reach and credibility.

  5. What strategies can help convert late registrations for online events?
    To convert late registrations, organizers can highlight the key discoveries and benefits of attending the event through targeted email campaigns and last-minute social media promotions. This urgency and showcasing the event’s value can boost online event attendance even at the last minute. Offering limited-time discounts or exclusive access can further incentivize quick registration.

A thought-leadership piece written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani.

Updated on May 17th, 2024

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