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3 Multi-Channel Marketing Tactics for Congress Event Growth

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By engaging in a multi-channel marketing approach to lead generation and congress delegate registration, we are able to inform and educate potential participants about any event repeatedly and unobtrusively. This holistic mass exposure approach is an extremely powerful tool for enhancing brand awareness.

Initial engagement with a congress website can come about in several ways:

1. People who are actively looking for a specific or related event

These individuals usually search for a relevant congress using Google or another search engine from where they click on a relevant paid ad or organic listing in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

We focus on Search ads as these:

  • Appear immediately in search engine results after being uploaded
  • Allow for messaging to be changed easily and quickly, whenever we want
  • Allow for monitoring / optimization / reporting
  • Are extremely flexible regarding where, when, and on what device they appear

If created logically and intelligently, paid search engine ads almost always perform well. They appear to individuals who are actively searching for what the ad claims to offer. When combined with a powerful, optimized web page, Search ads are usually unbeatable in terms of both quality and quantity of relevant website traffic generation.

In other words, a niche, relevant audience looking for a specific congress type is much more likely to register for an event than individuals who need to be educated about it first.

2. Promotion of an event to similair audiences who are likely to be interested in it

Reaching relevant individuals on various digital marketing channels / platforms using:

  • Kabloom Data Pools
  • Targeting audiences according to interests / behaviour / education / job titles / skills / etc.

It is possible to promote ads to individuals using several tools where potential event delegates can be targeted according to interest or behaviour, etc. and varies greatly with each digital marketing channel.

GDPR compliant regular e-mail broadcasts to individuals in Kabloom’s expanded e-mail data pools is another channel which further helps to enhance and enforce lead generation and event awareness.

We can also show individuals different ads depending on where they are in the sales funnel and / or according to their past behaviour on the conference website. By showing relevant ads to relevant people on different channels, we can educate and inform about an event with consistent messaging. The objective is to gradually nurture leads and ultimately increase registration numbers.

3. Organic Promotion via sharing, reputation building and referrals

There are also a number of ways in which an event can be promoted organically across channels. It is strongly advised that any event marketing campaign should make use of organic promotion strategies as part of the multi-channel approach.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Multi-channel marketing for association congress growth

It must be remembered that paid digital marketing campaigns do not work alone. In the end, a multiple channel approach to paid digital marketing in combination with an experienced marketing manager, and constant campaign monitoring and conversion optimization (CRO), ensures optimal campaign performance.

  1. How does multi-channel marketing contribute to association congress growth?
    Multi-channel strategies amplifies association congress visibility, reaching potential attendees across various platforms. By strategically utilizing digital channels like search ads, social media, and email campaigns, associations can engage with diverse audiences, driving lead generation and boosting event attendance.

  2. What role does lead generation play in association congress growth?
    Lead generation is pivotal in association congress growth, serving as the foundation for expanding attendee base and revenue. Through multi-channel efforts, associations can capture leads efficiently, nurturing them with tailored content and promotions to convert prospects into registered delegates, thereby fueling event success.

  3. How can associations leverage multi-channel marketing for membership growth?
    Associations can leverage multi-channel strategies to not only promote congress events but also attract new members. By showcasing the value of membership through targeted campaigns across digital platforms, associations can capture the interest of potential members, driving lead generation and fostering community engagement for sustainable growth.

  4. What are the benefits of integrating multi-channel strategies?
    Integrating multi-channel initiatives enhances association congress growth by maximizing outreach and engagement. By leveraging diverse channels such as search ads, social media, and email marketing in tandem, associations can amplify their message, attract a wider audience, and drive impactful lead generation for event success.

  5. How does effective lead generation contribute to association revenue?
    Effective lead generation directly impacts association revenue by driving increased event registrations and membership sign-ups. Through targeted multi-channel initiatives, associations can capture quality leads, nurture them through the conversion funnel, and ultimately convert them into paying attendees or members, thereby boosting overall revenue streams.

A thought-leadership piece written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani.

Updated on May 17th, 2024

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