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Master Lead Generation for Congress Events: Proven Steps to Success

Master Lead Generation for Congress Events: Proven Steps to Success

Lead Generation is a major milestone in the marketing funnel. For the congress industry, this is the point at which a potential attendee finally leaves their personal details (so that they can be contacted directly) or submits an abstract or scientific paper.

We use a holistic approach to gently nurture potential prospects to reach this stage in the marketing funnel. The process is conducted over various online channels or platforms, as we unobtrusively inform, educate, and incentivize, before ultimately converting leads into become event participants.

Inbound traffic, where individuals are specifically looking for a relevant type of event to attend, always converts the most effectively. In these cases, the potential attendee has already heard about the congress or is actively searching for a similar event using Google or another search engine. We make sure that the congress we are promoting appears at the very top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) either organically or, more usually, by utilizing paid advertising. The message given in the ad must encourage clicks for related searches.

Once a potential event attendee has visited a page, we are able to show them ads according to their behaviour on the site using remarketing. For example, if a visitor has not yet signed-up for a congress but has clearly shown interest in the site’s content (i.e., they have spent a significant amount on the landing page), we can nurture interest by continually showing them specific ads on a range of different online platforms. Similarly, if a visitor registers for the congress, we can show him or her a completely different set of ads (e.g., promoting accommodation, etc.). The possibilities are incredibly flexible!

We also target potential event participants who are not initially actively looking for an event.
These individuals can be reached using Kabloom’s data pools and information rsuch as behaviour, interests, or skills, etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the ongoing strategy of increasing the volume and quality of leads while simultaneously reducing lead costs. We optimise budgets between and within digital marketing channels according to pre-defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to deliver the most efficient ROI and ultimately reduce Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

In addition to retaining prior event delegates, we use numerous growth strategies to help acquire new congress attendees. All paid digital marketing activities must be GDPR compliant.

Sound a bit complicated? We have the expertise to help you on your digital journey!

FAQ | Lead Generation Strategy
  1. What are the key components of a successful lead generation strategy for associations in the congress industry?
    A successful lead generation strategy hinges on audience understanding, multi-channel deployment, personalized communication, and continuous optimization. It involves crafting compelling content based on audience insights, engaging across different platforms, tailoring communication, and refining strategies over time for maximum effectiveness.

  2. How do associations effectively target potential event attendees who aren’t actively seeking the congress? 
    Associations employ comprehensive data analysis to identify and reach individuals likely interested in congress events. By creating targeted audience segments and refining strategies based on real-time insights, they increase engagement and conversion rates, ensuring efficient marketing efforts.

  3. How does remarketing contribute to lead nurturing in the congress industry? 
    Remarketing plays a crucial role in nurturing leads by maintaining engagement with potential attendees who haven’t converted. Through targeted ads and personalized messages, it reinforces the event’s value proposition, keeping it top-of-mind and increasing conversion rates effectively.

  4. What role does Conversion Rate Optimization play in increasing lead volume and quality while reducing costs?
    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is pivotal in maximizing lead generation effectiveness. By identifying and addressing conversion barriers, optimizing user experience, and refining strategies, it enhances lead quality, increases conversion rates, and reduces acquisition costs for sustained success.

  5. How does GDPR compliance factor into digital marketing activities for association congress promotion?
    GDPR compliance ensures transparent and secure data practices, building trust with potential attendees and enhancing lead generation effectiveness. Compliance involves obtaining explicit consent, providing clear information, and implementing robust data management practices, prioritizing privacy rights and strengthening the organization’s reputation in the industry.

A thought-leadership piece written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani.

Updated on May 8th, 2024

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