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6 Event Marketing Myths and How They are Damaging Your Event

A person standing at a crossroads, contemplating between the path of facts and that of event marketing myths

We explore the most commonly held misconceptions regarding event marketing and provide some hard facts.

MYTH #1Marketing is too expensive

FACT: On average, only 40 additional delegates will cover the costs needed to pay for Kabloom’s  digital marketing. Our track record shows that we always cover costs and provide 10-20% growth – so digital pays for itself and you make a profit.
MYTH #2I have a website, so I am digital enough

FACT: You have 0.5 seconds to get the attention of someone on your website. If your website does not have clear calls to action, you have lost a potential delegate. Without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), no one will find your website when searching for an event to attend.
MYTH #3I have a marketing department, I don’t need an external team

FACT: Kabloom supports your internal team by providing access to specialised services such as Pay Per Click and social media advertising. By utilising tried and tested e-commerce techniques, we grow conference attendance.

MYTH #4My audience isn’t on social media

FACT: Your audience is spending an average of 6.5 hours on the internet per day, 35% of which is spent on social media. Facebook has 2.2 billion users, and the average age is 40! Your audience is waiting for you there and we can access them.
MYTH #5My competitors are not into digital marketing, why should I be

FACT: Potential delegates use digital and online platforms for finding conferences and congresses – Kabloom accesses them through e-commerce techniques, our global cookie pool and a strong e-mailer platform – our platform offers a 20-30% open rate which is well over the industry average.

MYTH #6My audience will keep attending

FACT: As more conference options become available worldwide, the same people will not necessarily attend year on year. Kabloom increases the potential attendee pool exponentially, as well as retaining previous delegates.

FAQ: Debunking Event Marketing Myths with Kabloom
  1. How does Kabloom address the misconception that event marketing is prohibitively expensive?
    By showcasing the tangible returns on investment, Kabloom debunks the myth that event marketing is overly costly. Through tailored digital strategies, we ensure cost-effectiveness while maximizing event exposure and attendance. Our approach empowers events of all sizes to achieve their marketing goals within budget constraints.

  2. Can Kabloom’s digital marketing strategies effectively capture the attention of online audiences?
    Absolutely, Kabloom’s digital tactics are designed to captivate online audiences instantly. From compelling calls to action to strategic SEO, we ensure events stand out amidst digital clutter. Our targeted advertising and engaging content guarantee high visibility and interaction, driving traffic and conversions effectively.

  3. How does Kabloom leverage social media to engage potential event attendees?
    Leveraging the power of social media, Kabloom engages with potential attendees where they spend significant time online. Through strategic advertising and community interaction, we foster meaningful connections and drive event awareness. Our approach ensures that events effectively utilize social platforms to boost engagement and participation.

  4. What measures does Kabloom take to address the misconception that traditional marketing methods suffice?
    Kabloom educates clients on the limitations of relying solely on traditional marketing methods in today’s digital age. By demonstrating the effectiveness of digital strategies in reaching modern audiences, we emphasize the need for a comprehensive approach. Our strategies integrate traditional and digital methods seamlessly to maximize event promotion impact.

  5. How does Kabloom ensure continued event attendance amid changing audience preferences?
    Kabloom adapts marketing strategies dynamically to evolving audience preferences and behaviors. By staying informed on industry trends and utilizing data-driven insights, we tailor marketing approaches to resonate with audiences effectively. Our proactive approach anticipates shifts in audience preferences, ensuring ongoing event relevance and attendee engagement.

A thought-leadership piece written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani.

Updated on May 27th, 2024

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