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Thriving in Change: Exploring the Synergy of the Teal Model and Netflix HR Model in creating an agile and engaged culture

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Growing as an online team from day one, Kabloom faced remote work challenges long before the pandemic. I (Elluria Breytenbach) held an unwavering belief that heart-based leadership was the only true solution to creating a cohesive international team, while also serving as a powerful antidote to unhealthy corporate systems.   

We embraced the ideology of the Teal Model, which promotes personal wholeness and evolutionary purpose, and merged it with the accountability and innovation of the Netflix Model. Over time and through careful implementation, this has fostered a new team dynamic that allows us to quickly identify and adapt to changes, collaborate seamlessly, and consistently deliver exceptional results. Additionally, we appreciate and leverage the unique talents each individual contributes to our team. 

am excited to share more about the intersection of these models and how it has benefitted Kabloom, our dedicated employees, valued clients and trusted suppliers. 

The Netflix HR Model

Netflix is renowned for its innovative and unconventional approach to human resources. Centered around the principles of “Freedom and Responsibility”, it entrusts employees with a remarkable level of autonomy, allowing them to make decisions and take ownership of their work. By granting this freedom, Netflix encourages a culture of creativity, self-expression, and individualized problem-solving. Simultaneously, it instills a sense of responsibility by emphasizing accountability for outcomes and results. This unique combination fosters a dynamic work environment where employees feel empowered, motivated, and driven to excel.. It eliminated traditional HR practices like strict work hours and hierarchies, focusing instead on consistent feedback, results and individual accountability.

The Teal Model 

The Teal model, popularized by Frederic Laloux in his book “Reinventing Organizations,” introduces a paradigm shift in organizational thinking. Teal organizations are characterized by self-management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose. They aim to create workplaces where employees are fully empowered, decision-making is decentralized, and a sense of purpose drives the organization forward. 

The Intersection and Complementary Aspects 
  1. Focus on autonomy: Both models place a strong emphasis on autonomy. Netflix encourages employees to make decisions and Teal organizations distribute decision-making power widely. This common ground fosters a sense of ownership and accountability among employees, driving them to excel. 
  2. Trust and Responsibility: The Netflix model’s emphasis on trust and responsibility aligns with Teal principles. Trust is foundational in both approaches, as they recognize that employees are best equipped to make decisions when they have the freedom to do so.
  3. Open Communication: Netflix encourages open and candid communication, as does the Teal model. Effective communication is vital for self-management and decision-making at all levels, promoting a culture of transparency and mutual respect.
  4. Adaptability: Both models embrace adaptability as a core principle. Netflix’s flexible approach allows the company to pivot rapidly in response to market changes, while Teal organizations are inherently adaptable as they encourage employees to respond creatively to challenges, no matter the hierarchy.
  5. Purpose-Driven: Teal organizations emphasize finding a shared, higher purpose that guides decision-making. While Netflix may not explicitly focus on this aspect, the Teal model’s emphasis on purpose can complement Netflix’s results-driven culture, providing a more profound sense of meaning for employees.
The Bottom Line:

In conclusion, as Kabloom Agency has benefitted greatly from the complementary aspects of autonomy, trust, open communication, adaptability and purpose-driven decision-making We believe that by sharing this knowledge, we can inspire and empower other organizations to embrace these approaches and create a win-win environment for everyone involved.


  1. How can small companies start integrating the Teal Model and Netflix HR principles?
    Small companies can start by fostering a culture of trust and autonomy. Begin with small teams, encouraging self-management and open communication. Implement consistent feedback mechanisms and allow flexibility in work practices. Focus on individual strengths and promote a shared purpose to create a cohesive, agile work environment.

  2. What are the potential challenges when merging the Teal Model with Netflix HR practices?
    Potential challenges include resistance to change, especially from those accustomed to traditional hierarchical structures. There might be initial confusion around roles and decision-making processes. Address these by providing clear guidelines, continuous support, and training to help employees adapt to the new system.

  3. How can we measure the success of implementing these models in our organization?
    Success can be measured through various metrics, including employee engagement surveys, retention rates, productivity levels, and overall job satisfaction. Regular feedback sessions and performance reviews can also help gauge how well the models are being integrated and their impact on the work environment.

  4. What role does leadership play in the successful adoption of these models?
    Leadership is crucial in modeling the behaviors and values of the Teal and Netflix HR models. Leaders must demonstrate trust, openness, and a commitment to purpose-driven decision-making. By setting an example and providing continuous support, leaders can facilitate a smoother transition and greater acceptance among employees.

  5. Are there specific industries where the combination of these models works best?
    While these models can be beneficial across various industries, they are particularly effective in creative and tech-driven sectors where innovation and adaptability are key. Industries that thrive on collaboration, rapid response to market changes, and individual creativity can see significant benefits from integrating these models.

A thought-leadership piece written by the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Kabloom, Elluria Breytenbach.

Updated on May 21st, 2024

Elluria Breytenbach

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