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Registration revenue covers cost of marketing investment

Having successfully rolled out two digital marketing campaigns in 2018 and 2019 for a leading regional medical association’s congress, a drastic change was made three months before the 2020 edition after the decision was made to transform it into a virtual congress.

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Leading regional medical association

Target Audience
Healthcare professionals

Digital marketing campaign for transformation of leading regional medical congress

•Digital Marketing
•Social Media Management

As from July 2020, fundamental changes in the marketing strategy was actioned:

  • New personas were identified and targeted (a larger target audience outside of pre-existing geographic and economic perimeters)
  • Significantly increased communication frequency timelines, daily budget allocation and channels
  • Messaging and branding were updated throughout

These additional initiatives helped dramatically improve international awareness of the congress, which saw a turnout by the most international audience to date with 65 countries represented.

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