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Congress social media content strategy creates in-person atmosphere during virtual event

Written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani. Updated on June 8th, 2024.

Although the 2020 virtual event was successful, like other committees, the client felt that it was challenging to create the same level of social media engagement as previous in-person events. With the adapted virtual format attendees do not necessarily check their social media accounts since they are streaming content live across their devices. Bearing this mind, a strategy was implemented by Kabloom to focus on a real-time engagement approach to make virtual attendees experience a similar atmosphere to in-person events.

Kabloom helped reach 1+ million unique hashtag impressions during the live days, and 3 million Facebook impressions for an event of 2,000 participants.

These efforts not only showed a 45% increase in unique user engagements, but also doubled unique hashtag participants compared to the previous 2020 virtual edition. 

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Leading regional medical association

Target Audience
Healthcare professionals

To maximise regional and global attendance


Social media content strategy is only one component of an overall marketing package:
  • Our social media strategy focuses on registration conversion and engagement
  • Our conversion rates to registrations are consistently 3x greater than the average industry rate
  • The social media paid advertising campaign created 10x the audience reach beyond the existing audience pool
  • The social media schedule works in conjunction with e-mailers with regards to milestones such as early bird 
  • We worked together with the organisation’s young doctors to create relevant content for up-and-coming professionals and trainees on social platforms
  • Additionally, the average time spent on the page showed that the correct target audience was directed to the page and the content was engaging for them, which meant that the sponsor was very pleased with the campaign.

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