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Kabloom’s Strategic Impact: 11,100% Return on Ad Spend

Written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani. Updated on June 2nd, 2024.

Achieving an 11100% ROAS, 
Kabloom’s 2023 digital marketing campaign demonstrated extraordinary financial success and aligned seamlessly with the association’s Net Zero vision. Starting from a €15,000 investment in media buying, the campaign generated a revenue of approximately €1,665,000, showcasing remarkable efficiency in targeting and budget utilisation. This financial triumph sets a new standard in the field of digital marketing. 

Beyond financial metrics, the campaign significantly increased the participation of healthcare professionals (HCPs), establishing the client as a key player in ophthalmology. This strategic shift contributed to a record attendance of 15,600 participants, surpassing the 2023 target by 20%. This reflects a financial win and enhances the client’s reputation and influence in the global medical community, positioning them as a leader in ophthalmological expertise and innovation.

Leading European medical association’s annual congress

Target audience
Medical professionals in relevant fields based on historical campaign data and key personas

Enhance congress engagement, abstracts submissions and HCP registrations

Services provided

Maximizing Return on Ad Spend with Data-Driven Strategies: Leveraging comprehensive analyses from the 2021 and 2022 campaigns, our 2023 digital marketing strategy led to:
  • Refined Database Segmentation and Targeting: Advanced data analytics and audience insights informed our segmentation, enhancing the precision of our targeting and significantly elevating HCP engagement and participation rates.
  • Optimised Strategic Platform and Channel Selection: Deep behavioural insights guided our platform and channel choices, ensuring improved conversion rates and amplified visibility within the ophthalmological sector
  • Enhanced Cost-per-Conversion Efficacy: We adopted a dynamic budgeting approach, informed by behavioural analysis, to optimise ad spend and achieve a more cost-effective campaign, fostering peak audience engagement.
  • Integrated Performance Analytics: We implemented real-time monitoring and analysis of campaign performance, enabling rapid adjustments and data-driven decision-making to further enhance campaign results and ROI.


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