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PCMA CL24: Surpassing Targets, Reaching New Audiences, and Generating $900,000 ROAS

Written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani. Updated on June 2nd, 2024.

Working in close collaboration with the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) marketing team for their annual Convening Leaders Conference CL24, Kabloom played a pivotal role in surpassing registration goals.  By leveraging Kabloom’s proprietary data pool of targeted potential delegates, the advertising campaign achieved significant reach and impact by driving over 350,000 visitors to the website.  Through continuous optimization and robust tracking mechanisms, the digital advertising efforts led to a remarkable 20% of registrations, with a $900,000 Return on Ad Spend.

A key aspect of the strategy involved distinguishing between the current vs future audience personas and tailoring each advertisement set to resonate with these specific segments. Through customized messaging, innovative branding strategies, and strategic channel utilization, this personalized approach successfully converted engaged audiences into active participants.

Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)

Target audience
Event organizers, event planners, and professionals in the event’s industry


  • Reach a diverse target audience
  • Foster engagement among potential attendees and members
  • Drive registrations

Services provided

The strategy was implemented for PCMA CL24 by:
  • Working with the PCMA marketing team to create a cohesive marketing plan that encompassed outreach before, during and after the event.
  • Identifying current and potential key personas and adapting core messaging to address the specific needs and requirements of each. 
  • Designing content and creatives with specific color schemes per segment  to enhance brand recognition and reinforce messaging per channel.
  • Conducting A/B testing to optimize campaign messaging and channel selection, thereby maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) and ad spend.
  • Precise geographic targeting while engaging audiences at their peak levels of interest and activity.

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