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ISTH: Kabloom Drives 18% in Registrations Over 5 Editions with 2000% ROI

Across five editions, Kabloom has been pivotal in driving ISTH’s growth, focusing on digital-only campaigns that on average yielded a 2000% ROI. In 2023, despite visa backlogs, the campaign converted 18% of total registrationsaffirming strategic marketing efficiency.

In 2019, we laid the groundwork with an impressive 2065% ROI and a solid 18% contribution to total registrations. The transition to virtual events in 2020 and 2021 saw us capture a vital share of registrations, adeptly navigating the new landscape. Our efforts climaxed in 2022 with a significant milestone, driving 25% of total registrations.

Additionally, Kabloom has been instrumental in boosting ISTH sponsorship since 2020, enabling satellite symposia to enhance its visibility and reach. Each year, between two to three sponsors have availed themselves of these services, reaping the benefits of increased exposure.

International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH)

Target audience
Global segmentation in greater thrombosis and haemostasis medical fields based on key personas and historical audience data

To strengthen ongoing recognition and stimulate registration for in-person and online congress components

Services provided

Utilising deep insights from previous campaigns up to 2023, Kabloom’s strategy for the ISTH congress was refreshed:

  • Targeting Refined for Global Reach: We deepened our audience segmentation, leveraging cumulative data to drive global engagement and elevate both in-person and online congress attendance.

  • Optimised Strategic Platform and Channel Selection: Deep behavioural insights guided our platform and channel choices, ensuring improved conversion rates and amplified visibility within the ophthalmological sector.  

  • Conversion Cost and ROI Focus: Our approach concentrated on refining the cost per acquisition (CPA), securing high returns on ad spend (ROAS), and thereby ensuring an exceptional return on investment (ROI) for ISTH’s digital campaigns. This strategic financial focus led to more efficient spending and greater campaign profitability.

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