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Persona segmentation leads to client abstract target exceeded by 42% and registration by 40% in APAC

Written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani. Updated on June 1st, 2024.

The IHC had not been in the APAC region for several years and their first time in Korea required a digital marketing strategy for the region. Kabloom’s experience in the region, as well as its extensive database of 40,000 GDPR-compliant contacts and an engaged committee, helped shape the plan for collaboration.​

​The database enabled us to implement personalization and segmentation, including persona segmentation and involved creating ads with tailored messaging for each audience and channel diversification. This was key to not only exceeding abstract submission goals by 42% and also played a significant role in achieving 40% of total registrations.

APAC's IHC 2023 promotional ad
Abstract submissions above target
0 %
Contribution to total registrations​
0 %
Ads seen by target audience
0 +Million
Contribution to website total leads
0 %
Average email open rate
0 %


The International Headache Congress

Target Audience

Researchers, clinicians, and practitioners who specialize in the study and treatment of headaches.


Increase abstract and registration submissions for the IHC 2023 conference

Services provided

The surpassing of the target and success of the IHC 2023 event were also achieved through:
  • A strong collaboration with an engaged committee held to establish realistic target goals from the outset of the campaign, allowing for their priority to be planned into all aspects of the marketing campaign.

  • A consistent communication strategy with dedicated personas and audiences in the regions using segmentation.

  • An effective email marketing strategy utilizing a substantial database for focused email campaigns contributed to over half of trackable registration conversions.

  • Reputation builder emailers specifically directed at industry leaders achieved extraordinary open rates of 88% and 92%, respectively, and promoted valuable content sharing within their communities.

  • Clear and open channels of communication between Kabloom and the client, allowing us to work harmoniously and expertly adapt the campaign as needed.

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