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Tripled click-through rates for medical advocacy campaign during adversity

Written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani. Updated on June 7th, 2024.

Kabloom was tasked to plug into a global advocacy campaign focused on awareness of thrombosis, to boost impressions and engagement. During the 6-week campaign, website traffic almost doubled with ads seen over 6 million times.

The second and third edition of the campaign saw great adversity as covid rates continued to grow. Consequently, the advertising investment and active promotion time was reduced by 2/3. Through key insights into similar campaigns and historic data, Kabloom not only maintained engagement rates, but tripled click-through rates – indicating significant optimization of audience targeting and spend strategies.

World Thrombosis Day advocacy campaign triples click-through rates
Ads seen over 3 months of active promotion time
0 million
Click-through rates after reduced spend
Contribution to website traffic during active promotion time
45- 45 %

World Thrombosis Day

Target audience
Patients, their family and friends
Healthcare providers and specialists

To encourage engagement and action from key audiences to educate and advocate the risk factors, symptoms and impact of thrombosis.

Services provided

The long-term success of the WTD advertising campaign and its remarkable click-through rates can be attributed to:
  • Ongoing monitoring of top-performing keywords for optimized spend and click-through conversions
  • Impactful messaging to engage the audience into taking an action
  • Activating top-performing audience groups through historical insights into similar events and previous editions
  • Consistent monitoring and re-valuation of content strategy through high-frequency a-b testing
  • Segmented targeting techniques according to message group to ensure optimized attendance and interaction on the day of the event