Sponsors Activation

Innovative Sponsorship opportunities

We offer innovative products backed by data combined with measurable results

Generate visibility and attract participation to make the investment count.

win-win for clients and sponsors

In the lead up to the event, we could offer our sponsors a product that they had never seen before with guaranteed results. Both the event and the sponsor gained visibility and measurable audience growth, surpassing our expectations.

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Targeted digital advertising campaign increases visits to sponsor's symposium by 86% year-on-year


Participating sponsor of large virtual medical congress

Campaign duration

15 days

Target audience

Sponsors’ key Audience


To increase regional and global attendance for the virtual event


  • Campaign launch
  • Landing page design
  • Digital ads
  • Remarketing
0 K

digital ads

0 %

more landing page visits than 2020

1  Mins

spent on

Learn how social advertising can expand your reach

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