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3-year social media engagement grows community from 600 – 9,000

Written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani. Updated on June 7th, 2024.

Having managed the World Glaucoma Association social media accounts for 3 consecutive years, Kabloom has played a vital role in growing the WGA social communities from 644 to 8000+ followers, while maintaining 4x  more engagements compared to the healthcare and education industry benchmark.

Following the success of the paid and organic promotions across all activities within the WGA on Facebook and Twitter, the team facilitated the introduction of a LinkedIn and Instagram account that contributed to a further audience expansion of 1,000 within 9 months of creation.

World Glaucoma Association achieves social media engagement growth with Kabloom
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Engagement rate industry benchmark
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Relevant individuals reached

World Glaucoma Association  (WGA)

Target Audience
Professionals in the field of Glaucoma

To grow the  global social media community and create awareness of the various WGA activities and initiatives


The long-term success of the WGA social media engagement and pages can be attributed to: 
  • In-depth research into competing pages, and existing/potential audiences

  • Consistent interaction and ongoing strategic promotions across all social platforms

  • Spotlighting the various activities within the WGA scope, and optimising reach of important information to various segmented audiences 

  • Consistent monitoring and re-valuation of content strategy based on audience responses

  • Collaboration amongst committee members for high-level scientific content creation