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Global climate change virtual conference exceeds registration target by 145% in 2022 due to targeted digital advertising based on key personas

Written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani. Updated on June 1st, 2024.

A leading global financial organisation approached Kabloom to assist in driving registrations for their annual conference on climate change. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was made to create  the first-ever virtual edition of the event in 2021. Our experience and track record in successfully transitioning digital advertising campaigns for physical events to virtual experiences meant that we were able to exceed the 2021 registration goal by 110%.

Based on the success of the 2021 campaign, we were asked to continue work for the 2022 conference and once again exceeded the registration target, this time by 145%. This continued growth demonstrates the benefits of sustained yearly digital marketing and advertising, as it enables us to use historical audience data, personas, and long-term keyword analysis to optimise and lower the client’s cost per conversion for future campaigns.

Leading global financial organisation’s annual conference for climate change

Target audience
Global industry segmentation in government, finance, technology and climate fields based on key personas

To create awareness, encourage and drive newsletter sign-ups, registrations, and online attendance during the live virtual conference 

Services provided

  • Digital advertising campaign
  • Ad design and website/landing page content consultation/guidance
Based on key learnings from the 2021 virtual conference campaign, for the 2022 conference digital advertising campaign we were able to:
  • Improve segmentation and targeting: Previous and current campaign results are reviewed with personas updated based on engagement to ensure top-quality leads
  • Optimise channels: Personas are matched across channels and targeted on specific platforms based on learnings from the 2021 campaign and events in similar fields to improve conversion rates
  • Successfully monitor cost per conversion: Ad spend is continuously checked to ensure daily spend is allocated when and where audiences are most likely to engage, allowing for lowest possible cost per conversion

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