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Kabloom multiplies DOHaD Twitter followers from a standing start to over 2600 within 7 months

Written by the CEO of Kabloom, Richard Torriani. Updated on June 5th, 2024.

In 2022, Kabloom helped the DOHaD Committee with implementing a communications and targeting campaign that would express the scientific significance of the program to existing and broader communities.​

​The execution of marketing tactics, the introduction of 25,000 qualifying contacts, in combination with micro-targeting techniques, resulted in 65% contribution to abstract submissions, and a noteworthy rekindling of dormant social media communities.​

​As part of a fully integrated campaign, the Twitter account saw significant growth in comparison to previous 7 months, with improved engagement rates from 0.5% to 2.3%, new Twitter followers from 48 to 2,676, and impressions from 796 to 491,200.

DoHaD World Congress 2022: Achieving Twitter Growth and Channel Engagement with Kabloom
Contribution to total abstracts​
0 %
Contribution to total registrations​
0 %
Impressions compared to previous period​
0 %
796 vs 491,200​
0.5 vs 2.3%​
Engagement rate compared to previous period​
0 %
New followers in 7 months compared to previous period​
48 vs 2,676​


International Fiscal Association

Target Audience

Professionals in Development Origins of Health and Disease


To reach congress registration target of 1,000 (achieved)

Services provided

Kabloom Core Package:​

Twitter Growth and Broadened Community Engagement was achieved through:
  • 9-month ongoing holistic digital marketing activations, which ensured audiences were reached across multiple online channels, all tailored to nurture leads to convert within their most preferred platforms
  • Micro-targeting social media advertising and organic messaging targeted in parallel to audience interests, connections and personas
  • Tapping into unique audience values: This was achieved through closely monitoring audience interactions, which in-turn guided messaging styles and topical focus
  • Leveraging organizer communities and connections: Kabloom was able to broaden reach of content organically using the established networks of DOHaD after undergoing in-depth research into client’s historic engagements and second-tier connections