case study

Kabloom consistently grows conversion rate by 20% over 4 years for annual rheumatology congress

Kabloom has been the core digital marketing provider for APLAR, an Asia-Pacific Congress in rheumatology, for 6 consecutive editions. This year we reported an ROI of 500% for APLAR 2022 after implementing our 360-degree Foundation Package. ​

​Through ongoing optimisation and annual audience analysis, Kabloom has consistently improved the campaign’s conversion rates by a minimum of 20% over 4 consecutive editions. This means our reported ROI continues to grow annually, while the cost of acquiring registrants continues to decrease as more data is collected and integrated.

conversion rate growth for rheumatology
4.4% - 4.4 %
Conversion rates 20% annual growth
Registation conversions over 4 editions
0 %
Average contribution to total registrations
20000 - 20000
Growth in unique website users over 5 editions

APLAR Congress

Target Audience

Rheumatology specialists in Asia-Pacific


Grow registrations and abstract submissions for the annual congress

Services provided

Ongoing improvements based on past editions have allowed for ongoing growth in revenues:

  • Refined lead acquisition: Updates to KPI’s of the campaign arose from changes across channels in terms of how audiences are defined, as well as the allocated costs.
  • Channel optimization: Audience segments are matched across channels based on past editions to ensure optimal outcomes and conversion rates.
  • Cost per acquisition monitoring: Ad spend distribution is continuously re-evaluated to ensure maximum daily spend is allocated when audiences are most likely to make a decision, allowing for lowest cost per conversion and optimizes ROAS.