case study

7-week marketing activation boosts Bio-Medical Congress registrations by 10%

The Biomed 2022 Committee approached Kabloom with hopes to reach registration goals and broaden the audience reach for future editions. With 2 months to go, Kabloom developed and implemented an omni-channel digital advertising campaign in record time, which allowed 45 days of active promotion.

During this short time span, Kabloom contributed to 17% of website traffic and generated 10% of total paying registrations.

0 million
Ads seen
119 %
Contribution to total registrations
0 %
New website visitors since start of Kabloom campaign
0 %
Contribution to total website leads


Target audience
Bioengineers and biomedical engineers

To reactivate dead leads and to broaden reach for increased registrations.

Services provided

  • Digital and social media advertising

Kabloom was able to achieve these results through streamlined processes, high-level targeting techniques and key industry insights:

  • Ensuring optimized user experience (UX) for maximum conversion rates: This was done through an initial website audit prior to campaign launch

  • Tailored messaging and targeting techniques: Kabloom was able to match most relevant sub-topics of the congress program according to unique audience group interests and areas of expertise

  • Ongoing campaign group and audience monitoring to prioritize messaging and segments with highest conversion rates and lowest cost per acquisition

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