case study

40% registration increase for congress after campaign

The 26th European Paediatric Rheumatology Congress (PReS 2020) was rescheduled to take place virtually as the PReS 2020 e-Congress from 23 – 25 September 2020.

With an adjusted strategy and redesigned visual materials, the newly-crafted virtual marketing strategy was rolled out in early June 2020.

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contribution to
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digital ads
website leads for
congress website
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contribution to
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than initial
delegate targets

26th European Paediatric Rheumatology Congress (PReS 2020)

Target Audience
Professionals in the field of rheumatology

Digital marketing campaign for transformation of e-congress


  • Digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Ad design and creation
  • E-mailers

The new strategy was deployed over a period of 32 weeks, and was able to:

  • Help sponsors generate awareness about their various exhibition and symposia activities
  • Generate buzz via a live digital marketing component with robust digital advertising, daily e-mails, and push notifications during the e-Congress.
  • Maximize online exposure to potential attendees through close monitoring and optimization of the campaign, and dynamic allocation of marketing budget

In the end, the campaign was able to deliver strong results surpassing delegate targets.

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